Retail Skills Training Program

Retail is what Goodwill knows best. It’s only natural for us to take our expertise and pass it on to those we serve. With regular, six-hour classes held at the Johnston headquarters and retail store, the program teaches the skills necessary to successfully obtain and maintain employment including stocking shelves and racks, display arrangement, merchandising, pricing and inventory management, cash register and point of sale training, and sales techniques. Participants will learn soft skills like conflict management and workplace safety, preparing them for everything they need to be successful. The retail skills training program also offers the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized retail certification, RISE Up, that will set participants apart when seeking community employment.

Retail Skills Training Highlight

Rediscovering His Purpose: Keith’s Journey at Goodwill

Goodwill of Central Iowa |

Keith is a people-person. As a Goodwill of Central Iowa store clerk, he always finds a way to connect with customers over common experiences, an interesting item being purchased, or a shared laugh over a joke. Shoppers tend to stick around for an extra minute or two after checking out, just to continue their conversation […]


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